Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland

Campus Locations:

  • Main Campus - Ridge Road (St. John's)
  • Offshore Safety & Survival Centre (Foxtrap)
  • South Side (St. John's)
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    Admission Requirements

    Degree Programs

    All candidates for the Bachelor of Maritime Studies or Bachelor of Technology programs must meet the general admission requirements of the University.  Candidates who are graduates of nationally accredited (Canadian Technology Accreditation Board or Canadian Medical Association) technology diploma programs must provide a college/institute transcript and confirmation of graduation.   Candidates wishing to take University courses concurrently with college diploma courses, prior to college/institute graduation, must also meet the admission requirements of the Marine Institute.

    All applicants must submit to the University Admissions Office:

    Non-degree Programs

    The Admission Requirements are listed separately for four categories of Programs:

    Advanced Diploma Programs

    Candidates for Advanced Diploma Programs must have attained a three-year diploma from a recognized College or Institute or a degree from a recognized University or Polytechnical Institute. The candidate's work experience may also be considered. Candidates may be required to attend an interview.

    Mature students will be assessed on an individual basis.

    Diploma of Technology and Technician Diploma Programs

    a. Applicants shall have completed Graduation Requirements for high school as set down by the Department of Education and obtained credits in each of the following, with a minimum combined average of 60% in Level III Mathematics, English, and Science.

    4 math credits 2 of which must be either Math 2204 or Math 2205; and 2 credits from either 3204* or 3205.
    (* a minimum of 60% must be achieved in this subject)

    2 credits from either English 3201 (English 3202 will be accepted for September 2005).

    4 credits 2 of which must be from either Biology 3201, or Chemistry 3202, or Physics 3204, or Earth Systems 3209.

    b. A Grade XI Public Examinations Matriculation Certificate with an average of 60 percent.

    c. A Certificate of Attainment in one of the following:

    i) B.T.S.D. - Technical Option;
    ii) Adult Basic Education Level 3 Certificate (specific courses may be required).

    The above are minimum requirements. Students who exceed these requirements will be better prepared to succeed at the Institute. All admissions are subject to the approval of the Admissions Committee.

    Vocational Certificate Programs:

    Applicants must submit proof of senior high school graduation (Grade 12) or a certificate of attainment in one of the following:

    i) B.T.S.D.;
    ii) G.E.D.;
    iii) Adult Basic Education (Level III).

    Continuing Education Programs:
    The Marine Institute offers a wide variety of programs designed to meet the needs of industry. Admission requirements for programs in this category vary greatly and all applicants should refer to the Marine Institute calendar for further explanation.

    Mature Students
    Applications will be considered from mature individuals (i.e., persons 21 years of age within one month of the start of the program) who have gained technical or practical expertise, or a combination of both, in the intended field of study.
    Applications should be submitted with a résumé listing all associated experience together with letters of recommendation from employers or other individuals who can substantiate the applicant's qualifications. Applicants must submit official academic transcripts and a birth certificate or other proof of age. Applications from mature students who do not meet the Marine Institute’s minimum entrance requirements for the program applied for will be evaluated on an individual basis to determine that the applicant holds appropriate qualifications to succeed in the programme and courses in question. Applications will be evaluated by the Admission's Committee on an individual basis.

    Transfer Policy
    Students may be awarded credit for courses completed at other institutions. Credit applications must be submitted to the Registrar along with a certified copy of the student's transcript containing the grades for related courses. Students may also be required to submit course descriptions.

    Challenge Examination
    A Challenge Examination may be written by a student who wishes to seek credit in a course by a procedure other than normal class instruction. To be eligible to write a challenge examination the student must have obtained previous education or work experience which he/she can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the School, has given him/her knowledge equivalent to that required to achieve a passing grade in a particular course. Students will be required to show documented proof of having received the experience. The School shall evaluate each student's application and determine which courses may be challenged, subject to certain regulations.

    Residency Requirements
    In order to receive a Marine Institute Diploma or Certificate, students must have obtained a minimum of 50% of the credits for their program at the Marine Institute.

    Further information regarding admission to the Marine Institute can be obtained by contacting:

    Admissions Officer
    Office of the Registrar
    Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University
    P.O. Box 4920
    St. John’s, NL
    A1C 5R3
    Phone: (709) 778-0380
    Fax: (709) 778-0322

    The Marine Institute reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant.